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Rebecca Lewis Smith

Co-Founder and Director


Rebecca co-founded Fountain in 2008. She was the company’s main copywriter in its early days and as Fountain has grown she has embraced the role of Managing Director.

One of Rebecca’s strengths has always been her organisational skills. In her student years and early twenties they manifested themselves in stage and production manager roles in theatre – and since 2009, they have been crucial as she worked to set up and grow Fountain into a vibrant digital agency.

She is also proud of the working environment that she and her co-directors have built:

“It’s an amazing feeling to have been part of building and driving Fountain forward from the start – and now to see our fantastic team working with such passion and commitment to deliver results for our clients.”

The cornerstone of Fountain’s success is a positive working environment which empowers the team to personally invest in their clients’ outcomes, leading to outstanding quality of work. Rebecca writes about the importance of gender equality and progressive workplace practices on her blog,

Rebecca Lewis Smith

Rebecca Speaking about People Management at UEA’s Industrial Strategy Conference

These days, Rebecca is adjusting to the dual roles of ‘Managing Director’ and ‘Mama’. She is enjoying every minute of watching her little boy growing up – and having returned from maternity leave, she is getting better by the day at typing one handed with him propped up on her shoulder.