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Picture a crumbling ruin of a house with an overgrown garden and broken fencing. It’s clearly not safe, it’s uncared for, and it’s barely secure.


Now imagine that same house with new iron gates, renovated walls, and a neatly mowed lawn.

Technical SEO is to websites what that renovation is to the old house.

It takes leaky, crumbly, unloved sites and turns them into sturdy, trusted, and maintained places of authority.

And even though it’s primarily an SEO task, improving the technical foundations impacts every single person that visits a website.

Not only will it heighten the chances of climbing search engine rankings, but it will also improve the chances of user engagement and conversion. Giving you a high-converting and profitable website.

It all starts with finding opportunities

First off, we take the time to identify powerful opportunities and gaps that need filling.

We focus on the actions rather than giving clients and developers pointlessly long reports that dwell on problems.

Our technical SEO specialists work closely with clients and developers, helping them understand the reasons behind our improvement suggestions. And most importantly, how we fix issues, quickly.

An international and local approach

International and local SEO technicalities will also be central to our approach. Your website will be set up to reflect this, whether you’re a multinational organisation or simply targeting local customers.

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