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A highly experienced marketer, Terri joined Fountain in July 2017 and has integrated seamlessly into the team, bringing with her conscientiousness, professionalism and the world’s most infectious laugh.

Having worked in Marketing since 2003 at different companies in Norwich, it was during her time at CITB that she worked with Fountain as a client. Terri remembers thinking it was exactly the sort of agency she wanted to work for – and two years later she became a Fountaineer

For Terri, marketing is all about communication and getting the message across, which appeals to the frustrated writer in her. The digital element adds a level of maths on top, which suits her analytical mind. Terri is always happy when the solution to a problem at work is solved with a spreadsheet!

Terri really believes that, as with any job, the people are always the most important part. She finds the team at Fountain to be hard working, good fun and welcoming. As it’s always busy, there is never a dull moment meaning the days fly by, and it’s so rewarding helping clients achieve their goals.

Out of work, one of Terri’s favourite places to be is her allotment, either hard at work or daydreaming the time away. You could also find her hanging out in the pub, catching up with friends or taking the quiz far too seriously. With a have pile of books bought and yet to be read, and a backlog of podcasts to listen – there just never seems to be enough time to do everything she’d like!