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As Co-founder of Fountain, Rob is passionate about meeting other business owners and solving their marketing problems.

With a background in sales and marketing for B2B and corporates, Rob is at the helm of Fountain’s growth. He sees the company’s values as the cornerstone of delivering a great customer experience:

“Our company values are at the core of how we work and why we do what we do. They give us clarity and focus in our work, leading us to make consistent decisions and take the right actions to achieve results for our clients.”

Rob is a natural networker and enjoys building relationships with clients and fellow entrepreneurs. He says that the best part of his job is getting to meet business owners, learn how their business works and help them find strategies to achieve their goals. He relishes discussing new business ideas and finding ways that software can make life easier for our clients.

“Too many companies have had a bad experience of agencies – I want to change that. Our evidence-based approach means that we can deliver excellent results for our clients, while always acting in their interest.”

Fountain’s track record of achieving incredible growth outcomes for clients using Google products means that Rob is a regular speaker at Google’s agency development events.