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As Head of Digital PR, Matt has been brought in to define and grow the Digital PR side of SEO for Fountain. Initially he put together a process that works for our clients, and then began implementing training for the SEO team.

Outside of this, Matt works with clients to implement Digital PR strategies that increase brand awareness and build natural backlinks to their website. His main goal is to build relationships with publications for our clients benefit!

Matt has worked in Digital Marketing since 2016 and the vast majority of that experience is in Content Marketing & Digital PR. He worked for the same agency for five years prior to arriving at Fountain and has experience working with clients across a wide range of sectors.

From his time working in an agency setting, he’s used to the fast-paced nature of working. Fountain is a natural progression for him, working with more renowned clients on a monthly basis.

Digital Marketing is an extremely fast-moving industry, so there’s always something new to learn. He finds it really interesting looking into developing techniques for Digital PR and trying to implement them for clients. Finding out new ways of working and testing out new tools to increase coverage for clients is extremely satisfying too!

In Digital Marketing no two days are the same and what works for one client, may not work for another. Matt loves being able to be creative with the way we approach our campaigns, whilst building relationships with publications and seeing our clients work published on websites and in magazines.

Matt has two Jack Russells, and likes to get out and about with them, usually walking down Morecambe promenade. He’s also a big football fan and a long-suffering supporter of Morecambe FC.