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Fountain was founded by four friends back in early 2009. As the news shouted about “the darkest days of the recession”, we packed in our jobs and set off into the unknown of founding a new business. Even crazier than that, none of us had worked in a marketing agency before. Yet there we were, starting out.

And honestly, this lack of experience ended up being one of our success factors.

Ever since the beginning, we haven’t copied how “things have always been done” – we have innovated, looked for the smoothest path to delivering the most impact, and developed ways of working that solve our clients’ problems.

A new way of thinking

These new ways of working also helped to shape how our services developed as well. As copywriters, we recognised the need for the beautiful words we were writing to actually be found online, so we branched into SEO.

From there, a need to deliver faster, more instantly controllable results meant a natural step into paid search, riding the changes and updates Google rolled out and becoming experts at delivering results.

When campaigns were beautifully fine-tuned but clients’ websites were preventing them from making sales, we moved into conversion rate optimisation – and in an ever-changing, fast-paced field, our services continue to evolve today, always with the goal of driving growth for our clients and meeting their needs.

Home is where the Fountain is

And at the core of why we set out to build this company was the desire to create something that people wanted to be part of. Where people felt at home, felt like they could contribute, and were able to happily thrive doing their best work.

And luckily for us, happiness is catching.

It leads to team members staying and growing with us. It leads to excellent work, creative solutions, and great partnerships. It leads to happy clients who enjoy collaborating with us as an extension of their team – and most of all, celebrating the results we deliver.

The future of Fountain

In 2020, the founders handed the reins to a new generation of leaders within the business. Our agency growth team includes several of those who have been with us since the early days.

This new generation has taken the lead in launching Fountain into the next phase of growth, our stunning new offices, and our new hybrid-remote reality.

Think it’s time we said “hello”?