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There are changes afoot in the search engines again.

And as much as we non-technical people may instinctively want to make like an ostrich, and let the technical masterminds take care of it all, I am here to tell you: 📣We need to talk about SGE.📣

It stands for Search Generative Experience – and it’s a new way of displaying search results, using AI to summarise information, that will change the look and feel of Google – and the way that people use it.

Our experts have been able to play with SGE in Google Labs testing mode for about a year now, but it’s top of our news and high priority in our client strategies right now, with all signs pointing to a large-scale roll-out very soon.

Luckily for those of us who do *not* live and breathe SEO and Google SERPs, our very knowledgeable Matt Meazey, has agreed to talk me through SGE from scratch.