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Long sales cycles and high-value transactions are the norm in this industry, and that’s why you need a strong, focused approach to digital marketing – which is essential for your success.

When working with Fountain, you’ll get a strategy that is tailored to reach the most relevant people and is focused on the topics that are most important to your business and its clients.

This all starts with making sure the ways you are measuring and valuing your leads and sales are as accurate as possible, all the way through the funnel.

Not to brag, but…

We are experts in this field, including having vast knowledge about CRMs. We aim to measure our activities from start to finish – making your campaigns as effective and profitable as possible.

SaaS can be complicated so it’s vital we understand your audience, product, and sales process inside out. The more we know about your product – what works, what doesn’t, and which leads are the most valuable to you – the more profitable you will be.

Getting to know you

During the initial weeks of working together, we will meet with your sales and product team to gain a thorough understanding of your business, and create empathy maps to better understand your audience’s pain points, desires, knowledge gaps, and common bonds.

Finding balance: The secret to tech marketing in 2024

The subtle art of winning customers, delighting stakeholders, and supercharging your ROI

Tech marketers are being pulled in hundreds of different directions. Struggling to balance the needs – and the advice – of customers, product teams, and creative agencies.

Our joint report with The Creative Copywriter and Yoyo Design explores the thorniest challenges faced by tech marketers today: navigating the world of AI, balancing technical detail with digestibility, and injecting creativity.

The key to success? Taking a realistic view of what tech companies really need to stand out and win customers – and finding balance between those opposing forces

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