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Values are at the heart of how we work with clients to deliver results – and also how we aim to operate as a business.

Our team and our immediate circles of clients and suppliers are a beautiful community. But we’re part of larger communities, and we know we can make a difference beyond the walls of Fountain HQ.

No empty promises

Sometimes it’s about how we walk the talk – like keeping our gender pay gap under 0.5% since measuring started in 2016. It’s currently 1.26%.

Or reducing our carbon footprint, racing to net zero while also working on our pledge of planting a million trees by 2025.

Other times it’s about making active commitments within and beyond our local and business communities.

Here are the things we are committed to:

  • B Corp Certified

    We’re B Corp certified. We’ve implemented into our articles of association the clause that our company, while a for-profit entity, puts the health of people and the planet at the centre of our decision-making.

  • The Million Tree Pledge:

    We co-founded the “Million Tree Pledge” alongside a group of businesses aiming to go way beyond the concept of offsetting. So far, Fountain has planted 163,438 trees – we’re working on the remaining 836,562.

  • Our Pride Pledge:

    We are an official ally of Norwich Pride – and we are proud all year round.

  • Welcoming sanctuary seekers:

    We are committed to supporting and creating opportunities for people arriving in Norfolk as asylum seekers and refugees. This includes creating work experience placements, running CV and interview workshops, and fundraising for many wonderful local charities.

  • Supporting our people:

    Our team consistently comes to us with initiatives they are passionate about, and we do our best to find ways to support them.

  • 1.26%

    Our gender pay gap

  • 163,438

    trees planted by us.

  • 2025

    our goal to be net zero.

Think it’s time we said “hello”?