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One of Fountain’s four co-founders, Rebecca served as Managing Director until 2020, when she proudly handed the leadership reins over to the new generation of leaders at Fountain.

In the earliest days, Rebecca was hands-on working with our clients, managing projects and writing web copy. As Fountain grew, her role became more and more focused on growing the business, building the team, and creating the culture that has won us awards as an amazing place to work. She has spearheaded initiatives that have made our culture what it is today, such as our coaching programme and our focus on autonomy and progression.

In 2019 she co-hosted a podcast about organisational culture, Culture: Awesome, which gained a lovely, engaged following of likeminded business leaders. It can be found alongside her more recent podcast about leadership, and blogs about various aspects of building a business that she is passionate about on her blog,

These days, she works closely with the agency growth team when needed, and was central to our achieving B-Corp status. Rebecca has established the BIMA Bridge Council which brings agencies together to create opportunities and support those arriving in the UK as refugees and asylum seekers. Rebecca has also been listed on the BIMA 100 2023 for her work with people.

Outside of Fountain, she is a writer and a mama.