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Your goals

The best campaigns
start with the end in mind.

At Fountain, we live or die by our results, not the awards we win or how on-trend the creative is.

That’s why our methodology starts with two big, deceptively simple questions: how many customers do you want and how much do you want to pay for them?

Before we can design a strategy for growth, we all need to know what a job well-done looks like. Drawing from our hands-on experience, we’ll help you turn your ambition into something we can measure at every stage of the path to making it a reality.

Your goals become our goals.



Profitable digital marketing always starts with your goals – a way to establish what constitutes a sensible investment.



With a constant target to aim at, specific strategies and tactics can flex to suit changing markets and customer behaviour.


Objective goals drive accountability – and make it easier to see how your digital growth partner is performing.

Outcomes, not activities.

Your marketing isn’t just about better click-through rates or a powerful PPC campaign. It’s how the right activities work together, becoming something greater than the sum of its parts: significant, sustainable growth.

Working with us, you’ll get the advantage of a channel-neutral approach and a team that thinks bigger than increasing a single metric. Instead, we’ll clarify where you want to be, the obstacles in your way, and how we can overcome them together.

Validating your goals.

Predict real-world performance with our comprehensive forecasting process.