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  • 14.4m


  • 2.4m

    video views

  • 125,000

    website visits

Canadian Pacific are a railway company/operator

What we did

• Highly detailed media plan
• Data-science expertise
• Set-up and management of campaigns across multiple platforms
• Data-driven forecasting to reduce project risk

The results

• 14.4M impressions
• 2.4M video views
• 125,000 website visits
• Forecasts blown out the water
• Service now front of mind with senior logistics professionals

A snapshot

  • When Canadian Pacific (CP) successfully acquired new rail lines in Eastern Canada and the US, they had a remarkable new USP.

  • With access to the two main ports on the east coast, they could now offer the best coast-to-coast connectivity in Canada.

  • CP had a new superpower. The only problem? They didn’t yet have the customer awareness to match.

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What our customers say

“Fountain, Interval, and OK DAVE are more thorough than a large agency. They go above and beyond, and are transparent and easy to work with. I prefer to use their integrated model than go to a regular agency.”

Justyna Babski, Former Senior Manager of Marketing Communications, Canadian Pacific