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  • 3.34%

    increase in ecomm conversion rate

  • 102%

    increase in scheduled orders added to basket

Animed Direct is an online veterinary dispensary

Animed tasked us with maximising the value of the traffic coming to their website.

What we did

To maximise the value of the traffic coming to the Animed site, we first conducted a CRO audit, using qualitative and quantitative research methods to identify barriers to conversion and opportunities to improve the user experience. This provided a foundation for our A/B testing roadmap: prioritising optimisation activity for the most impactful pages
and segments.

Based on the research from our CRO audit, we uncovered an opportunity to better highlight the benefits of subscription orders and use clearer signposting to signal that orders could be repeated. We tested a range of micro copy alongside the call-to-action, and clearly highlighted the benefits of subscriptions (such as convenience and being able to pause or cancel at any time near the button.

The results

Our hypothesis proved successful, with the new subscription order micro copy resulting in a 102% increase in scheduled orders added to basket, and a 3% increase in E-commerce Conversion Rate. If the new variant we tested continued to perform consistently at the same level, this would amount to an annualised benefit of an additional 16,411 subscription orders added to basket per year.

What our customers say

“Fountain are fabulous to work with: really friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Our optimisation programme has been a huge success down to Fountain’s efforts.”

Dawn McMullan, Former Head of Sales & Marketing, Animed Direct