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We recently held a webinar with James Brown, Head of Commercial at Comtec Translations, SEO – the importance of localisation.

We discovered the core elements of localised SEO, including keyword optimisation and understanding Google’s algorithm’s – what it’s looking for and why.

And what does that have to do with buns?

BBC Breakfast were talking about what the importance of localised language with Lexicographer, Susie Dent and Accent and Dialect Coach, Elspeth Morrison today, Wednesday 1 May. The theme? What do you call your buns?

It really struck a chord.

Why? James and Jacob were talking about just that – the symbiotic relationship between localisation of language and local SEO. And why it’s hugely important for your brand.

Speaking the audience’s language fosters trust and drives conversions.

Whether its a bap, a cob or a roll, are bakers up and down the land missing a trick with their local SEO and losing custom as a result…?