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Small, high-value audience? Long Sales Cycle? Challenge accepted.

The client: Trade Extensions
What they do: A software company

A Snapshot

  • A target audience of the top 4000 companies in the world
  • Linkedin, Google Ads and Advanced Remarketing
  • Trade Extensions had the fastest growth period in their 16-year history

What they needed

Trade Extensions only wanted to work with the 4,000 largest corporations in the world. They had a highly specific audience of around 60,000 people.

They wanted:

  • To reach their niche audience with accuracy and reliability
  • To grow their business quickly and efficiently
  • To work with an experienced partner who knew exactly what route to take

What we did

Fountain targeted the 4,000 companies and appropriate job titles using pay-per-click LinkedIn Ads.

We also ran geo-targeted Google Ads that only appeared to potential customers in the postcodes where the sourcing and procurement departments were based. The ads only appeared when relevant keywords were searched for, such as ‘sourcing software’.

We created a sophisticated content marketing funnel where users were transferred between a series of different remarketing audiences. This ensured they only saw ads relevant to their unique position in the sales cycle. That way, Trade Extensions stayed front of mind for as long as possible as the top solution to their audience’s procurement challenges.

Impressive growth that led to acquisition

In April 2017, Trade Extensions was acquired by Coupa for $45,000,000. Fountain’s work was cited as a major factor in the acquisition.

The results

Aside from the Coupa acquisition, we also achieved:

  • Trade Extensions’ fastest growth period in a 16-year history
  • The successful activation of a small, high-value pool of potential customers in a competitive market.

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