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Laura Jennings

Co-Founder and Director


Like many leaders in business, Fountain’s Strategic Director Laura bypassed degree education and threw herself fully into growing Fountain alongside her fellow directors. Her focus and attention to detail drives the company forward.

As well as creating the paid search department, Laura has set out the fundamental values that determine our working practice:

“I would like to achieve the creation of an agency that is renowned for attaining superb results through a broad range of marketing channels, not just SEO or PPC or CRO as separate products. I want to be continually testing to increase website conversions both from new visitors to a website and existing audiences.”

Laura also sees Fountain as an agency that is:

“wholly accountable to clients, delivering an exceptional level of customer experience so that clients feel that we are an extension of their marketing department, not a sub-contractor.”

While she specialises in creating profitable, data-driven strategies, Laura maintains Fountain’s functionality as a business and is a vital reference point for quality control and client relations. She is known in the office as ’The Spread-Sheet Lady’ for her emphasis on maintaining efficient systems that facilitate collaboration between departments and ensure the smooth running of campaigns.

Outside of work, Laura enjoys mixing the very active – dancing, bouldering, swimming and walking – with the relaxing effects of binge-watching T.V. series!

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