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There is still so much uncertainty about the changes to digital marketing measurement and tracking coming up in 2023.

We can all be guilty of shying away from things we don’t feel comfortable with. However, that does not make it any less important!

Do you have GA4 set up and conversion events created?
If reading this sentence alone is making you break out into a sweat, don’t worry – there is still time! Ask your digital marketing agency and development team/agency to support you with setup if you don’t fancy tackling it yourself.

That said, it’s likely that your business has GA4 property set-up in Google Analytics. If not, there is a handy GA4 setup assistant wizard which will help guide you through the process.

Setting up conversion events in GA4 is also a must. This will enable you to measure valuable actions which take place on your website beyond 2023 as cookies are deprecated from the Google Chrome browser. Whilst there is a goals migration tool, to ensure that your measurement setup is as accurate as it can be, creating them yourself is advised!

Is that all I need to do?
In a word – no!

This is a great excuse to audit your measurement & tracking setup, and ensure you are taking advantage of all of the tools to understand the impact your digital marketing activity is having on your bottom line.

If you don’t fancy getting stuck into Google Ads conversion tracking, offline conversion imports, enhanced conversions, Meta pixel aggregated events, Meta conversions API, etc. – what can you do? Work with your digital marketing & development teams/agencies to conduct a gap analysis. Where are you now, and what needs to happen to get you 2023 measurement-ready?

Is Google Analytics the only measurement solution?
There are different analytics platforms out there, some of which approach privacy safe measurement differently. Matomo ensures that you own 100% of your data and can be a viable alternative to Google Analytics.

What do I need to do again?

  • If using Google Analytics, get a GA4 property & conversion events set up ASAP
  • Compare data from Universal Analytics & GA4 to get more familiar with the differences in data
  • Conduct a measurement & tracking gap analysis
  • Create a roadmap to implement the gaps in your digital marketing measurement