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If you're like most people, you will probably carefully be comparing local Norwich SEO companies to ensure you find the right one. Most of us know someone who has got burnt spending money on SEO.

That’s why at Fountain we work closely with you to ensure that you have an SEO strategy that brings clear returns on what you invest with us.

Having worked with businesses of all sizes, we’ve adapted our SEO services to suit any type of business or organisation. From small, localised Norwich campaigns to national and international lead generation accounts, Fountain’s SEO experts will work alongside your business helping you to achieve your goals.

How We Work

First, we ask you about your growth goals. Specifically, how many new customers are you looking to acquire, and how much do you want to pay per customer. This lets us determine whether investing in SEO alone is likely to be profitable for your business. Next we review your current website and marketing strategy to understand how much SEO work is required to achieve the desired outcomes, and forecast returns including our management fee for complete transparency.

In general, we find SEO is most cost effective when integrated with a wider digital strategy. For example, by running a small-scale paid search campaign we can quickly learn which keywords bring the highest quality traffic to your website and which pages convert this traffic into leads, enquiries or sales. We then use this data to carry out “on-page” SEO, optimising your web pages to improve their search performance.

If necessary, additional leads and enquiries generated by paid search can also fund investment into SEO link building to get your brand to the top of Google.

When the code and content of your site is as optimised as it can be, the next phase is to create a portfolio of high quality backlinks from relevant and carefully vetted external websites. Our SEO outreach team works with the editors to place content that creates value for the publisher, a great impression of your brand and, a flow of relevant organic traffic.

Representing East Anglia on an international stage

In December 2016, Fountain won the Google Premier Partner Award for Best Search Performance.  This prestigious award was entered by thousands of Digital Marketing Agencies from all over Europe, The Middle East and Africa.  We were very proud to be flying the flag for Norwich, the East of England and the United Kingdom, and attribute our success to an accountable approach that focuses on goals rather than activites:

“The way we look at SEO is to put forward a business case for what you want from it. A lot of people come from a traditional marketing background and they go for the number of visitors, but we go for conversion rates. If you have 10,000 more hits but only two people buy something then it doesn’t help you much.” – Marcus Hemsley

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In September 2017, we went on to win Google’s Global Award for Growing Businesses Online.

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