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As the Head of Marketing & Events, Hayley is lucky enough to work alongside people in all the teams at Fountain, so has the unique opportunity to see all the great work the Fountaineers do, and then let the rest of the world know about it too! Getting out and about talking to clients and colleagues is her idea of heaven.

Hayley has had a very varied career working both inhouse and agency side since 2008, in marketing and PR roles. That experience means she understands the challenges businesses face and how a great agency relationship can really help take those challenges away. Having heard a lot of great stuff about Fountain since moving to Norwich in 2017 about both its culture and client work, when the opportunity came along to join and experience it first-hand she jumped at the chance.

Many moons ago (her words!) when Hayley started her career digital marketing was a standalone, not often considered ‘thing,’ that involved perhaps a website and maybe the odd email now and then. Clearly that has changed significantly, and it is an essential part of any brands proposition. Being able to support clients in raising their profile, talking to their audiences and optimizing conversions is a wonderful place to be. And in the Marketing Manager role, she has the joy of sharing the great stuff we do with new and existing clients alike.

Being in an agency environment, surrounded by amazing creative talent and technical expertise makes her happy. One of her biggest joys is being involved with a project from its inception, working with people along the way, and then being able to stand back on launch day thinking ‘we did that.’

And when she is not at work, Hayley has two cats who appear to need waiting on paw and foot and a Miniature Schnauzer Pippin, who has her family well trained. Hayley is also learning to sew, loves to knit and an avid rainbow fan.