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As Head of Operations, it’s Dave’s responsibility to ensure that projects run efficiently to a clear plan. He supports and manages the teams to make sure the right resource is allocated to projects and tasks are completed on time.

Following graduating from London Metropolitan University, Dave went straight into an agency based project management role. He worked a diverse range of marketing projects before moving into an offline focused role for a short period of time. In 2016 he went back into digital agency life with Affinity in Norwich. He also worked on conversion rate optimisation and web development projects giving him a rounded knowledge of how traffic is generated, and understanding how you can encourage that traffic to convert.

The pull of interesting and diverse marketing projects was too strong again in 2019. The opportunity to join the Fountain team arose allowing Dave to apply his extensive experience in digital project management in a new forward thinking environment.

For Dave, the most interesting thing about digital marketing is the analysis and understanding of how different customer types respond to particular marketing techniques. It’s really interesting to understand what customers are looking for and why. Once you’ve done this you can deliver the right adverts to them at the right time by applying optimisations to relevant campaigns.

The element Dave enjoys most about his role is the dynamic nature of the day to day. Not only does he get to experience the inner workings of the ever changing digital environment, but also the people and strategies that come with it.

When I’m not at work, Dave enjoys sport, cinema, games and spending time with the people that are most important to him. Planning exciting trips to see shows, sports events or even visits to Disneyland Paris are always at the forefront of his mind.