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Beyond the office walls, imagine a world where streets, shops, and parks embrace the paw-sitive perks of a dog-friendly lifestyle. Join me in shaping this revolution, unlocking happiness and brand loyalty along the way.

In recent years, the trend of dog-friendly workplaces has been on the rise.

The Dogs Trust in their National Dog Survey revealed there’s been a 24% rise in dog ownership since the pandemic. Businesses would be barking to not take note. The NHBF who support the hair, beauty and barbering industry for example shared more than 60,000 businesses are registered as dog friendly in the UK, and for good reason.

The positive impact of our furry friends on employee morale and productivity is undeniable.

But what if we took this concept beyond the confines of the office and into our day-to-day lives? What if the streets we walked, the shops we visit, and the parks we relaxed in were all a bit more dog-friendly?

Paw-sitive perks:

It’s no secret dogs bring joy into our lives, but the benefits go far beyond a wagging tail and a wet nose. Numerous studies, including one by The Kennel Club have shown the positive effects of having dogs around, including reduced stress levels and improved mental health. What’s more, dogs are excellent motivators for physical activity, encouraging their owners to lead healthier, more active lives.

The success stories of companies with dog-friendly policies are both heartwarming and impressive. Forbes reported on research showing 93% of dog owners in pet-friendly workplaces have more positive attitudes about going to work. We know at Fountain our best days are dog days!

But why limit this phenomenon to the workplace? By extending dog-friendly practices to our daily lives, we could unlock a new level of happiness and efficiency in our communities. It’s all very well enjoying your dog at home, but imagine a world where your daily routine involves interacting with these four-legged therapists? No longer having the worry of taking them shopping, to get your hair done, or eating at the local bistro?

Imagine walking into your favourite coffee shop, greeted not only by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee but also by the friendly presence of a shop dog. The impact on customer experiences can be profound.

High street shops, dog-friendly cinemas, and numerous other businesses that embrace a dog-friendly atmosphere, not only attract dog owners but also create a welcoming environment that appeals to a broader audience. The result? Loyal customers who appreciate the inclusive and friendly nature of these establishments.

Brands working in collaboration to maximise the need for the revolution are looking at pawtners outside their immediate circle. For example, natural dog food manufacturer Forthglade recently partnered with the National Trust. This collaboration increases brand visibility and furthers the Trust’s goal of including dogs in their experience – creating a mutually beneficial relationship for both.

To ensure a harmonious coexistence, savvy businesses need to consider not everyone may be a dog enthusiast. For instance, well placed seating and clearly labelled spaces make it easier for both doggy and non-doggy people to share the space. By catering to the preferences of all customers, these businesses can strike a balance that fosters a positive and inclusive atmosphere. Everyone feels comfortable, whether they have a furry friend in tow or not.

Paws for Thought:

As we embark on the journey of making day-to-day life more dog-friendly, it’s worth pondering whether pet companies should adapt their marketing strategies to align with this growing trend? Let’s picture pet products not just as essentials but as lifestyle enhancers, seamlessly integrated into the fabric of our daily routines. From trendy, dog-friendly cafes to salons that welcome canine companions, there’s a shift in consumer behaviour. People aren’t just looking for pet products; they’re seeking an experience that mirrors their dog-friendly lifestyle. Let’s take a moment to think about Pawsecco or ‘dog wine.’ The concept originally launched in 2017, is now a staple in major retailers like Pets at Home. People want to safely emanate the lifestyle they have with their best four-legged pals.

This poses a question for pet companies: How can they tailor their marketing to not only meet the needs of pet owners but also resonate with the spirit of a dog-friendly society? From packaging that aligns with eco-conscious values to campaigns that celebrate the joy of living with dogs, there’s an exciting opportunity for pet companies to ride the wave of this cultural shift and become key players in fostering a more dog-friendly world.

Wagging into the future:

Businesses across various sectors are not just embracing but thriving in a dog-friendly atmosphere. According to Pet Business World, business owners who became dog-friendly for the first time in 2022 reported growth of 20-50% as a result! Quite a tangible result by fostering a four-legged friendly environment.

Digital media plays a crucial role in the evolving landscape by

– targeting businesses for engagement in the dog revolution
– encouraging consumers to support dog-friendly brands
– appealing to non-dog enthusiasts by highlighting the benefits of dogs in their lives.

This adaptability ensures the messaging of inclusivity and joy reaches every corner of our society, creating a ripple effect that goes beyond the bottom line.

As we navigate the future, let’s not just imagine a dog-friendly revolution; let’s actively shape it, one paw at a time…