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As project managers, it’s essential for us to make sure we keep tabs on what’s happening on our projects at any given time. There’s nothing worse than feeling inundated with the amount of client work you’re overseeing, and worrying that you’ve dropped the ball on something that was actually super urgent. If this sounds like you, then fear not! There might just be a solution right around the corner…

Here are some handy tools and platforms to help you pull off your project management:

Enter, which you’re bound to have already heard of. This platform is a great way to facilitate a PM’s role as it offers so many different features, and promotes the ability to manage tasks and projects both effectively and successfully right through from start to finish.

  • It’s transparent and dynamic – Project and task views can be as granular or as broad as you need, and can be easily adjusted to shifting needs throughout project life cycles.
  • It’s automatable – The automation function allows you to create ‘rules’ that essentially make your job even easier and remove any manual processes, such as drag and dropping items from one group to another, and many more. You can automate just about any process you can think of, so you have less to worry about and fewer things off your plate!
  • It’s collaborative – Multiple team members can access a Monday board in real-time, and there is even the option to interconnect two or more Monday boards that your team might have that are linked to each other. This aids cross-referencing between associated projects, as well as keeping all relevant and important details under one hub of information.


Branded the ‘one app to replace them all’, ClickUp is a relatively new kid on the block of PM tools and is an all-in-one productivity platform.

  • It’s fully customisable and versatile – As one of its main USPs, ClickUp offers users a fully customisable solution that allows you to take a more personalised approach to your projects based on your preferences – you can adjust and customise views according to your workflow, business model, and any other way you want.
  • It’s structured – ClickUp works under a hierarchical-type structure – the highest level of the hierarchy is your ‘workspace’ which you can think of as your company’s building within which everything else is organised. Then, within your workspace are ‘spaces’, which are high-level divisions to help you keep things in order at a more granular level.
  • It’s analytical – With ClickUp, it’s easy to create and customise reports based on team performance and schedules – you can pull data analysis on what projects your team are currently working on, deadlines they’ve missed, tasks they have completed, and more.


A one-up on most project management tools, HubSpot is a CRM platform that goes a step further with all the features you need for marketing, sales, content management and customer service. Each product in the platform is powerful on its own, but HubSpot’s true potential is unlocked when all services are integrated in line with each other.

  • It’s intuitive – Not only is HubSpot’s general interface intuitive making it easy to get the ball rolling, but it also has a number of interpretive features, including the likes of a custom report builder and a workflow builder.
  • It’s comprehensive – HubSpot is known for its multi-service offering and has particularly impressive email integration features. You can store all email contacts for your company (both team members + clients) within a database and create & customise email templates to send out to selected contacts (e.g. monthly newsletters) on an automated basis.

I hope that the tips and features outlined for the above tools and platforms help you to find a beneficial, new solution for all your project management needs. So, what are you waiting for? Check them out now and find your next go-to PM tool to boost your business!