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Discover exactly how we did this in seven steps, outlined in our full strategy video below.

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No time to watch the full video? Here are the takeaways:

  • Geofence your ideal target audience – did you know that you can select exact areas as small as 1km in diameter and target only people regularly in that space with ads, on platforms like Google and Youtube? If you know where your ideal target audience is located, you can fill up their ‘Digital Universe’ with your content.
  • Find exact companies and individuals on LinkedIn and target them with pay-per-click advertising – LinkedIn allows you to target people who work for specific companies. You can target departments and even exact titles within individual companies. This allows you to add value through sponsored content, position yourself as a thought leader in your market’s eyes, and tell your brand story.
  • Create ‘blockbuster content’, rather than just ‘good enough content’, that will actually improve the lives of people consuming it – the best content is content people learn from, act on and share because it’s useful. When creating content, ask yourself: will people actually share and act on this? Be honest. A great way we did this with Trade Extensions was to co-create content with sector influencers who were already thought leaders and trusted by our target audience.
  • Give away the content for free, don’t gateway it – there’s a video above for you that explains this in detail. It’s free. You don’t need to give us any info. You don’t even need to leave this page. It’s about serving, not selling. If our content is valuable to you, and you think that we can help you, you’ll get in touch when the time is right for you.
  • Advanced remarketing to stay front of mind – with B2B SaaS buying cycles being so long, it’s important to stay front of mind without pestering. Use remarketing and retargeting in the right way, by sharing valuable content that engages your audience during this buying cycle. Given that remarketing works on a pay-per-click model, it’s a low cost, high impact strategy. With Trade Extensions we were getting over 1 million ad impressions per month for just £1,000.

And if you would like to read the case study – here it is!