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If you are not aware of The Feed, it’s a fantastic Norfolk-based social enterprise.

Its mission is to empower communities in Norwich, ensuring each and every person has the support to eat well, live well, and feel connected. This will help them fulfil their vision of ‘Communities where everyone thrives’.

They have two public cafes and a catering enterprise which produce delicious homemade food and generate most of their revenue.

The profits from these businesses are then used to fund community projects such as their Social Supermarket. This opened last July, offering low-cost food (fruit and veg are offered free), cleaning products and toiletries for people struggling with the cost of living.

So, how will Fountain be supporting The Feed this year?

  • Catering – Wherever possible, we’ll be using The Feed for any catering needs, whether that’s internal events, client meetings or similar. They cater for breakfast, lunch and evening events and can accommodate many requirements, including vegan/vegetarian and gluten, nut and dairy allergies. We’ve used them already for several meetings and the feedback has always been excellent.
  • Technical Consultancy – We’ll be dedicating one of our 2023 Development Days to using Fountain’s technical knowledge to help the Feed get their message seen by as many people as possible.
  • Fundraising – Throughout this year, wherever there are opportunities to raise funds, we will be donating any proceeds directly to The Feed.
  • Events – The Feed also have a beautiful and well-equipped Community Room at their Waterloo Park café, which we’ll be aiming to use for any offsite events we have throughout the year.

We will keep you updated with what we’re doing with The Feed through the year, and how the Fountaineers help support over the coming months.