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As a Digital Marketing Consultant specialising in CRO Taylor get to work on a range of different projects from Paid Media to Landing Page Optimizations. Working with clients to target the right audiences / maximising the effectiveness of their advertising budgets, but also helping clients develop their websites to capture the users attention, engagement and purchase intent.

Taylor always wanted to work in the digital space and found he could interpret data and user behaviour naturally. After running his own arbitrage projects in college he started working as a campaign manager in a lead generation / digital content business. From there he expanded his knowledge of digital marketing across multiple channels and departments, leaving him with a great knowledge of building campaigns from the ground up and optimising them to their full potential.

Taylor finds working on the front end of websites incredibly rewarding, diving into the user behaviour and using it to tap into the user psychology is fascinating. The methods of audience targeting and tools available are always developing, meaning there is always something new to study and progress knowledge further.

The freedom of creativity at Fountain is something Taylor finds amazing. He says people are always supported and given all the assets needed to further the teams knowledge and work on new projects. The teams have been built in a non-hierarchical structure which promotes collaboration, respect and wellbeing.

He has a passion for performing music and tattoos. Taylor is lucky enough to travel the world with music and collect tattoos to mark each new city and artist he comes across on his travels.