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Where did you work/study previously and how did it help you arrive at Fountain?
Hend studied in Calgary, Canada. Her professional marketing experience comes from both Canada and overseas. She’s worked with some great clients including FIFA, Cirque de Soleil and WestJet. Hend moved back to Canada after having lived in the Middle East for a couple of years and started consulting with Fountain for some time. Hend loved working with the team and came on board on a full-time basis six months after.

Early on in her career, Hend was more focused on traditional marketing and PR. She soon realised that the world was evolving quickly and moving away from these methods, so made the decision to go back to school and focus more on digital and online marketing. When Hend had worked at previous agencies, she really enjoyed working with developers and designers and was more fascinated with the nature of their work compared to more traditional marketing, so making the jump over to digital was a natural step for her.

Canada is a smaller, more agile team, and the team have a role to grow the business which Hend is really excited to be a part of. The type of clients Hend looks after are great and she gets to excel and learn on a continuous basis.

Hend loves outdoor activities, hikes, biking, and spending time with friends & family when not surrounded by data!