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As one of our longest-serving Fountaineers, Alice has played a key role over the years in shaping what we do, how we do it and who we are as an agency and has worked her way up to be our Managing Director.

Back when Alice joined Fountain in 2012, she was pretty much fresh out of uni, and Fountain was a small team in a serviced office. Starting out on our SEO team, she then worked closely with Laura as we built our PPC department. She worked on the clients with whom we developed our CRO offering, as well as on our original Google Award-winning campaign. As her role evolved to Head of Digital she has had hands-on experience of every aspect of the agency, both externally working with clients and internally co-ordinating service delivery.

Alice has been pivotal in helping to shape the growth of Fountain’s award-winning team and now leads the agency growth team ensuring the successful day to day running of the agency. Having directly worked as a digital marketer herself on client accounts, Alice is aware of the challenges both clients and agencies face, but also the most effective routes to achieving exponential ROI. She continues this valuable work on client strategy with our client success team. Outside of this her role is key to moving Fountain forward into the future; driving our vision just as much as those of our clients.

Outside of work, Alice can be found on the terraces supporting the mighty Canaries, travelling, and baking under her pseudonym ‘Alice and the Aga’.

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