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Working in Fountain’s Paid Media department, Alex creates, manages and optimises campaigns across a number of paid advertising channels to help clients achieve and surpass their business objectives.

Working in finance out of University, Alex wanted a change and always loved the art of good advertisement campaigns, seeing new ads, thinking of the creative elements and what drives someone to buy.

He started his digital marketing career at an agency in London working on a range of both large multinationals and smaller local clients. After Covid, Alex decided to travel for a year and gain new experiences, before returning to the UK and finding Fountain as the perfect next step in his career.

Alex loves analysing which campaigns, creatives and messaging are working best. Testing and innovating to find the optimum performance for our clients, driving increased revenues and helping them reach their business goals.

The industry is always changing, we have to adapt and evolve with it, and Alex thinks it’s really exciting to see what’s coming next.

Every day is different, from optimising campaigns and the technical aspects of the job to working on business development pitches and winning new clients. Alex likes working for a variety of industries, verticals and clients. Building strong rapport and relations with each client is always a really fulfilling side to the job for him.

Outside of work his main passions are sports and films. Spending most of the weekend watching football, tennis or F1. Alex is always up for a new film recommendation, any genre from marvel to old classics. Travel is also really important to him, after visiting most of the Americas, next on his list is New Zealand to see all their natural beauty!