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  • 978.62%

    increase in clicks (2023 so far vs same period in 2022)

  • 473.14%

    increase in impressions (2023 so far vs same period in 2022)

  • 351.85%

    increase in sessions (2023 so far vs same period in 2022)

FreshGround offers simple and flexible office coffee machine contracts

What we did

At the beginning of 2022, FreshGround were keen to expand content on their site to help answer common queries asked by consumers. This approach is called They Ask, You Answer. As a result, it meant that FreshGround produced lots of great content that helped answer common questions users may have around their services.

As a lot of content was being created, we thought this would be a great opportunity to drive more organic traffic to their site by getting this new content ranking better in the organic search results.

The results

We first provided some general SEO blog recommendations based on competitor research in April 2022 to help boost performance. Prior to these recommendations, the blog received 176 clicks in March and had just 2 keywords ranking on the first page. After these recommendations, the blog received 464 clicks and 15 keywords ranked on the first page in July 2022.

Whilst it was positive to see this improvement, we believed we could get even more pages ranking on the first page. So, in August 2022, we performed a blog analysis to help highlight opportunities where we could be ranking better. In February 2023, the blog received 1,540 clicks and 35 keywords are now ranking on the first page.

We plan to continue working with FreshGround to further boost the performance of their blog.

What our customers say

“Working with Fountain has been great, and I think the best way to show that is to let the results speak for themselves. Within a year, we went from 5 keywords ranking on the first page of Google to 35. Fountain helped us get there by helping to refine our content campaigns, as well as suggesting and implementing technical improvements to our website. Combined with increased traffic from an ever-honed and refined PPC strategy, we’re very happy with the strong foundations we now have in place.”

Anthony Hare, Marketing Executive, FreshGround