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  • 2,795%

    Revenue increase

  • 504%

    Session increase

  • 1,666%

    Transaction increase

What we did

We began working with Ateria in March 2023. The first step was to create strong foundations which formed the campaign strategy. These foundations were based on thorough research and meant our strategy would see performance excelling from month three. ​

Research included understanding which keyword areas and campaign types were working best. ​

We explored which social creatives were resonating with users and began refreshing ads regularly to reflect our research. ​

By doing this we could grow and utilise remarketing lists across all channels – a full funnel approach. ​

The results speak for themselves!


The Results


From month 3:

117% sales increase

Before working with us they were generating around 50 sales per month

From month 4:

27% sales increase MoM