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As the outbreak of COVID-19 makes changes to all of our lives, we want to offer our support to friends, partners and the business community.
Below is a message from one of our founders, Rebecca Lewis-Smith, on the measures Fountain is taking, research we’ve gathered and the work we’re doing to navigate unprecedented times.

Please feel free to share with anyone who might find it a useful resource – we want to help as many people as we can.

Hi friends.

With the exponential acceleration of the Coronavirus outbreak, businesses have had to take extraordinary steps to adapt to our ever-changing landscape. Speaking to fellow business owners and friends over the weekend I realised to what a crazy extent we’re all driving blind here – so we’ve compiled a Google site with all the measures we’ve taken, in case clients or contacts find it useful.

For those concerned about business continuity, navigating unusual market behaviour, or are developing their own remote working strategy for the first time, we are happy to share our approach, policies and procedure here.

It has certainly been an intense few days. As of Tuesday 17th of March, Fountain Partnership’s offices will be closed and our wonderful team will be working remotely.

We started planning for this last week, with a ‘Working from Home’ readiness survey about peoples’ at-home set-up (template version on the site), plans to get office chairs home for those who need it, an internal WFH policy site and in-depth business continuity plans. All this while also deep diving into client marketing campaigns to make sure their marketing strategy is adapted as required.

While it’s slightly too early for us to share marketing strategy (we need all our immediate focus to be on individual client campaigns) we have so far shared some research that Marcus Hemsley has been doing into marketing in a downturn – and once we have the headspace to share top level marketing advice, we will post it here too. Keep an eye on our channels for updates, and if you need anything from the Fountain team in the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sending solidarity and elbow-bumps to all!