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London, UK. 25 January, 2022

Fountain Partnership Ltd (Fountain) – a global digital marketing agency – has today been appointed by leading digital product content provider NielsenIQ Brandbank as its first-ever SEO partner.

The partnership has been formed in response to the UK ecommerce market becoming one of the most advanced in Europe. It will see the ‘world’s best agency for growing businesses online’, according to Google, support NielsenIQ Brandbank by accelerating its existing service to over 52,000 ecommerce brands across the globe including P&G, Unilever, Nestle and Mondelez; providing incremental value, optimising online presence and scaling up sales.

Brands utilising the partnership will observe an improved digital shelf experience, not only at retailer level, but also through search engines such as Google, which will ultimately enable shoppers to locate products in multiple channels.

Alice Rose, Managing Director for Fountain, comments:

“It’s a real honour for Fountain to be appointed by NielsenIQ Brandbank as its strategic SEO partner. NielsenIQ Brandbank holds a sterling reputation as a market leader and it’s a unique opportunity for two Norfolk-born, yet now global businesses, to collaborate and ultimately improve customer revenues generated through search engine rankings.

“The ambition for the partnership is to not only support NielsenIQ Brandbank in expanding its services, but ensure their clients succeed in a more digital and competitor-heavy market. Our current success with our own ecommerce clients including, Truvia, Mazzetti, ellaOne and Abellio, is a real testament to the benefits our expertise can bring. We very much look forward to watching our partnership grow from strength to strength.”

Ecommerce sales in the UK have skyrocketed since the global pandemic. In September 2021, the value of internet retail sales in the UK increased to a value of £1.99billion, up from previous months. Those retail brands who had a digital presence before the pandemic, such as many of the leading supermarkets, and continued to invest in enhancing the experience were able to respond quickly to the swift change in shopper behaviour and generate loyalty amongst engaging shoppers through its website content.

But it doesn’t end here. According to forecasts following Covid-19, projections regarding the UK B2C market were revised. It’s now estimated this segment of the ecommerce market in the UK will grow at a 6.2% annual rate by 2023.

Kathryn Taylor, Product Leader at NielsenIQ Brandbank, commented:

“The spotlight on ecommerce as a result of the global pandemic has highlighted that while digital content is king, a robust SEO strategy is critical. The pandemic drove an acceleration in the number of clients looking to implement search optimised content. We immediately sought SEO expertise to turbo-charge our client’s digital presence. NielsenIQ Brandbank already partners with brands and retailers to digitalise best-in-class product content that is engaging and discoverable for shoppers. We’re excited to bring Fountain’s expertise coupled with NielsenIQ Brandbank’s closed loop solutions to clients to ensure they are best placed to compete on the digital shelf.”