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As many of you will be aware, Google is sunsetting Universal Analytics (UA). On 1 July 2023 it will stop recording traffic. And if you aren’t aware, you really need to be…


In its place, Google has launched Google Analytics 4 (GA4) which replaces replacing Universal Analytics (UA). GA4 uses modern, privacy-safe tracking methods and measures more relevant features than a product which is over ten years old!

But what does this mean to you and your brand? All of the data and analytics you have been carefully building up and monitoring will disappear. All of it. Gone.

The good news is, if you take action now, there is nothing to fear – we’re here to help!

Join us for a 45-minute webinar on Thursday 27 April at 3pm, with our Head of Digital, Jake Surrey and Senior Paid Consultant, Lee Sproat – experts on all things GA4.

Lee and Jake will give you facts and actionable insights on what the UA/GA4 noise actually means, how it will affect your brand and what you can do to prevent all your analytics dropping off a cliff.

Come and join us