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Calling all SEO wizards! It’s time to get your quirky minds and keyword mastery together for the most relaxed and mouth-watering event around.

Yes, you heard it right! PieChats is here to stay, but hold on to your meta tags because we’re introducing something even more thrilling – the SEO Fringe!

Get ready for a fringe-tastic extravaganza that’ll tickle your algorithms and leave you hungry for more (literally). On the 10th of August, from 17:00, we’re taking PieChats to the great outdoors – not just any outdoors, mind you, but a cosy pub where pies and ideas will collide.

“But what’s the deal with SEO Fringe?” you ask. Well, picture this: a group of SEO enthusiasts like yourself, huddled together with drinks in hand, munching on scrumptious pies and exchanging thoughts on trending SEO topics.

Don’t worry about being a rookie or a seasoned pro – all levels of SEO geekiness are welcome. We want a mix of minds that will brew the most potent SEO concoctions and uncover hidden ranking secrets.

Now, want to hear the best bit? These gatherings will happen every 4-6 weeks, so you can indulge in regular SEO brainstorms and delicious pie sessions. To stay in the loop and catch all the exciting updates, be sure to follow our LinkedIn page.

So mark your calendars for the 10th of August because this is one SEO Fringe party you don’t want to miss. Come, let’s brainstorm, share ideas, and stuff ourselves with pie while we elevate our SEO game to the next level. See you there!