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Fountain, ADAMAPP, TwoFresh

Held in partnership with ADAMAPP and Two Fresh, our over-lunch roundtable is a follow-up to the hugely successful SaaS event we held in February.

This event is for C-suite and leaders who want to learn the latest proven tactics for growth in 2023 and meet fellow experts in the industry.

The roundtable is taking place at 1pm, Friday 23 June 2023 with Alexis Kingsbury, Co-Founder of AirManual, as our guest speaker.

A buffet lunch will be included. Please let us know your dietary requirements when you RSVP through the link below.

Alexis Kingsbury

Alexis is an award-winning entrepreneur, with two software businesses and a consulting practice, serving over 600 organizations around the world, including well-known brands such as Sony, 3M, Swarovski, Fitness First, and Pepsi.

Alexis is passionate about helping business leaders create the freedom to spend time on what matters most.

Through his work, Alexis has saved 1,000s of hours of time for business owners and their leaders each year, enabling them to work more effectively and unlock business growth.

In his own businesses, he has removed himself from day-to-day operations, allowing him to recently go on a 6-week road trip across Europe whilst his businesses continued to operate and grow.

Find out more about Alexis here.

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