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SEO, PPC, GA4, SERP, CPC. Any more for any more? Digital Media is full of acronyms, technical language and data by the bucket load.

For some it is an easy world to navigate, for many it’s not. This session is designed to let people into the world of digital media, break down barriers and show that it’s not as hard to understand as it may at first seem.

Join us for a 45 minute webinar on Wednesday 31st May at 10am where our Paid Media Expert Gemma Russell, and SEO Extraordinaire Matt Meazey from Fountain Partnership will guide you through the digital media landscape in a way that’s accessible for people who are here for the basics, or are comfortable in that world already and just want some tips and tricks.

Want to join us?

Gemma Russell, Head of Paid Media and Matt Meazey, Head of SEO