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Ever feel like you’re navigating the retail jungle without a map?

We get it – the struggle is real. But don’t worry, because we’re here to spice up your retail journey and turn those challenges into a flavourful success story.

What’s Cooking at The Jamie Oliver Cookery School for Multi-Brand Retailers?


Dive into discussions about:

  • Recipe for success: Learn how to create a winning retail strategy that resonates with cost-conscious consumers.
  • Navigating the aisles: Find the balance between showcasing your brand’s value and keeping costs in check.
  • Stand out strategies: Discover how to make your brand shine in a crowded market.

Why you shouldn’t miss this:

  • Practical resolutions: No fancy jargon, just practical solutions. Ensuring your experience goes beyond mere discussion to real-world effectiveness.
  • Connect with your tribe: Join forces with fellow retailers sailing the same seas. Swap tales, share strategies, and build meaningful connections with those who truly understand the retail journey.
  • Discover the hidden recipe: Delve into complimentary advice on distinguishing your brand without the constant cost-cutting struggle. Uncover the strategies that amplify your brand identity, ensuring you stand out without compromising your financial foundation.

About our sponsor:

Prisync is a competitor price tracking & dynamic pricing software for any size of Ecommerce company to increase your sales growth & margins. It automates the collection of competitor price and stock availability data to assist companies in online retail. The dynamic pricing optimization engine takes this to another level by keeping businesses at the “sweet spot”​ of pricing where profit margins grow while staying highly competitive in the market.

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