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Work for an agency and want to listen to people who understand? Hired an agency and want to know what it’s like behind the scenes? Thinking of retaining an agency and want to know how to get the best out of them?

This is for you!

‘Agency life’ is a term freely used in the marketing world to sum up what it’s like working in an agency, but also in popular culture, where ‘agency life’ has been depicted in everything from movies to memes. So, what’s it really like working in an agency and do these ‘agency life’ preconceptions stack up? More importantly how can clients find an agency that’s right for them and see past the memes!

Join us for a webinar on Wednesday 16th August, at 3pm where we’ll be chatting to our team of Fountaineers about what working for an agency is really like for them.

Georgia Hogan joined us as a graduate and is taking the world of digi PR by storm, Laura Jennings, one of our amazing co founders, Matt Hartley works remotely but is every bit part of the team and Katie Trout one of our superstar ADs who previously worked client side.

We’ll be covering everything from the different routes into Fountain, what makes an agency tick, how to get the best from your team, and whether or not it is all pizza and table tennis.

Spoiler alert. It’s not.

Register here.