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Retail and COVID: smashing targets with quick-thinking

The client: Lisa Angel
What they do: Jewellery retailer

A Snapshot

  • Quick-thinking adjustment to digital strategy in COVID
  • An impressive revenue increase of 56.96%
  • A strategy-driven sales increase of 81.36%

What they needed

In June 2019, Lisa Angel approached us with four main goals in mind:

  • To maintain a 300% return on investment (ROI)
  • Increase efficiency of digital efforts
  • Hike up revenue and sales volume
  • Drive personalised product sales forward

What we did

To reach the height of efficiency without compromising on ROI, we knew that automation would be key.

As a first step, we restructured the account with automated bid strategies, leaning on Google’s machine learning so we could put our all into the wider strategy: increasing revenue and personalised product sales.

But then…COVID-19 hit. And as a store retailer, Lisa Angel needed to pivot drastically on their strategy.

The Covid-19 pivot

Our tactics, although working, had to change. We created new Shopping Campaigns including products that could be delivered. In the same vein, all ad copy was altered to reflect this and key search terms were identified and targeted.

We launched Facebook ads focusing on catalogue sales that excluded personalised products. And using advanced attribution in Google Analytics, this display-driven strategy took ROI through the roof.

The result? Lisa Angel was in positive revenue growth YoY throughout the lockdown period.

The results

Here are some stats from between 23rd March (official UK lockdown) and 19 May 2020:

  • Revenue increase YoY: 56.96%
  • Sales increase YoY: 81.36%

And of course, a happy and profitable client.

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