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Tom Richardson

Digital Marketing Consultant | PPC


My day-to-day role is centred around managing our clients’ paid advertising accounts, ensuring that they’re delivering against target and performing as efficiently and effectively as possible.

What is your professional progression internally or externally? If external, how did it help you arrive at Fountain?

I spent 3.5 years at a performance marketing agency in London focussed on paid search activity across a wide range of industries. I was lucky enough to work with some great clients at some well-known brands that were always pushing to be at the forefront of digital.

What is it about Digital Marketing that you find most interesting?

I love that it’s constantly evolving and always changing, there’s always something new that you need to learn, you can’t stand still. The competitive side of me also really enjoys the fact that there is always more that can be done to improve performance.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy working alongside our clients to hit their targets and making their life easier. If we’re hitting target and they’re happy, it usually means you’re doing a good job.

What do you like doing when not at work?

Walking, running, cycling, anything that gets me outdoors really!