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Memo Christodoulou

Account Director


Memo’s background is in affiliate marketing with a wealth of experience in the corporate finance sector.

His previous role at Optimize helped him focus on delivering the highest possible ROI from digital strategies, making him the perfect fit for Fountain’s approach which puts conversion rate at the fore.

What I find interesting about digital marketing is the freedom to influence an audience within the most current media, the online space. Digital finally gives marketing professionals unrivalled access to customer data, which can help not only with client ROI, but also in terms of targeting the correct customer. Digital Marketing gives us the freedom to make sure the content and ads we provide are highly relevant to the audience, so they are more likely to convert into a sale or a lead for our customers.

What I enjoy most about my role, is being able to create both short term and long terms strategies which will ultimately lead to gaining my customers the best form of exposure, whether this be brand awareness or sales/leads. I really enjoy getting “under the hood” of my campaigns and really optimising their performance in order to get the best possible results for the best price. I believe that PPC is crucial for most businesses and with our help, we can make sure our customers get the best possible results from their campaigns.

When I am not at work, I am an avid bakery chef as this helps me to unwind. I have also been doing street jazz for many years as I believe it is one of the most fun types of exercise. As the ancient Greek used to say “νους υγιής εν σώματι υγιεί” which translates to a healthy mind needs a healthy body!

Memo regularly represents Fountain at local business growth events and Google Insight events around Europe, sharing the latest effective techniques in Digital Marketing.

Memo Speaking at Tech East