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Gareth Howells

Finance Director


Alongside overseeing the day-to-day finance functions, my main responsibility at Fountain is working with the other members of our Agency Growth team to deliver on our 1-3-5 strategy.

Key to this is ensuring we have accurate forecasts and analysis of our financial performance, so I get to spend a lot of my day with my head stuck in spreadsheets!

What is your professional progression internally or externally? If external, how did it help you arrive at Fountain?

I was actually one of the first few Fountaineers, having spent one and half years working as a PPC Consultant before leaving to train as a Chartered Accountant with Grant Thornton.

A chance conversation with Marcus after a Fountain FC 5-a-side game in 2018 kicked off a chain of events that lead to me returning to the company in the role of Financial Controller. I became Head of Finance in April 2020.

What is it about Digital Marketing that you find most interesting?

May seem like a boiler plate answer, but for me it’s the measurability of it all. The most interesting thing is being able to attribute revenue back, not just to clicks, but multiple different touchpoints to generate an accurate picture of the return on your investment.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Aside from the many, many spreadsheets, the most enjoyable thing for me is getting to work closely with the Board and other members of the Agency Growth team on decisions shaping the future of the Agency.

What do you like doing when not at work?

Outside of work I’d say my main interests are snowboarding, forcing myself to exercise, a bit of travel, and following Norwich City FC. One of my favourite things I’ve recently got in to is kayaking on the Norfolk Broads – can’t believe I’ve lived in Norfolk pretty much my whole life and failed to take advantage of that before now.