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Eva Wilkes

Technical Lead & Account Strategist


With a background in graphic design and copywriting, Eva joined the Fountain team in August 2014, tasked with the job of launching a new brand identity for Fountain, and supporting the business development team through the production of impactful proposals and pitch decks.

Since then, her role has evolved considerably, incorporating client creative, campaign strategy and digital reputation management with a specialist focus on the US Higher Education sector.

Eva is known for creative problem solving and communication skills, in particular being able to unite technical and strategic information about digital marketing in a way that inspires others with the bigger picture.

Outside of work, Eva is interested in nature, the environment and being outdoors as much as possible. She likes escaping to wilder parts of the UK for running and climbing, occasionally entering mountain races that leave her walking backwards downstairs for a few days. (She’s grateful for her patient and understanding colleagues!)