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David Starky

Head of Operations


As Head of Operations, I look after the general capacity and resource management within the business, working closely with the Project Managers and Technical teams to ensure that client and project deadlines are met. Driving the agency forward through efficiency driving initiatives and ensuring that as an agency, we are striving for continuous improvement of processes and procedures that will then filter down to our clients so that the focus is on value-adding work and continues to improve on Fountain’s already illustrious reputation and core mission value of growing businesses online.

What is your professional progression internally or externally? If external, how did it help you arrive at Fountain?

I started out in finance, primarily in specialised lending risk management, but have always had a passion for managing projects and the different methodologies associated with running projects. I then moved into Business Analysis with a company in the digital marketing tech sector and quickly progressed to Programme Manager running the companies front end and back end product and dev ops development roadmaps. I was approached about taking on the first Project Management role within Fountain and was blown away by Fountain’s culture, transparent approach and their ethos to working with their clients. I knew that this was an opportunity to be a part of something special so I jumped at the opportunity and just under 3 years later, here we are.

What is it about Digital Marketing that you find most interesting?

Digital Marketing is so fluid and challenging. What worked last week, month or year; doesn’t necessarily mean it will continue to work or provide results. It’s an industry where you have to be continually pushing yourself and colleagues to be better, understand more, be ahead of the curve that there is no time for complacency or easing up otherwise you’ll quickly fall behind. This is the kind of environment where I thrive and Fountain’s culture of striving to be the best, striving to be on the cutting edge and using data analysis as the primary tool to derive strategies could not suit me better and there is no other company I have experienced that have these drivers embedded in the core of each and every employee.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I would say that other than my colleagues, the companies hunger for continuous improvement is the greatest part of my role. Digital Marketing is a demanding and constantly evolving sector and taking the latest tech innovations, strategies, analysis into user trends etc. and transforming that into something that is implementable, scalable and successful within the business is very rewarding.

What do you like doing when not at work?

When I am not working, I am an avid sports fan, enjoy playing golf or watching any sport. Music, especially playing the guitar, is also a massive part of my downtime as it is such a good way of releasing stress and being able to switch off from things and just gives you the best way to reset.