David Cooper

David Cooper

Digital Marketing Consultant | PPC

1) Describe your role

I grow ROI, Revenue & Innovate Marketing With Global Award Winning Fountain Partnership. My role stretches across the entire client journey, from forecasting before they even join, to forming strategies and then delivering the digital marketing across a variety of platforms.

Alongside this, you might have seen my face around as I deliver talks about the best practices of digital marketing. Our aim here is the spread knowledge so that people, clients or not, are better equipped to face the new challenges that marketing throws at us all. 

2) What is your professional or academic background and how did it help you arrive at Fountain?

Before Fountain, I managed the marketing at a diet food delivery company. This was my first role out of uni and I was hastily hired to manage all of their digital platforms having no prior experience of them or any form of business or marketing. Safe to say it was a nightmare, to begin with!

However, I came to realise that marketing was the perfect industry for me. It’s a great balance of creativity and analysis, if done honestly it can better people and companies – and that’s when I found Fountain and moved from client to agency.

Prior to this, I achieved an MA and a BA in History at UEA. Though I haven’t used much of the history I learned, it taught me to think logically and creatively when approaching challenges, which I use every day in work.

3) What is it about Digital Marketing that you find most interesting?

There’s a lot about marketing (and Fountain in particular) that I find interesting. For me, though, the most interesting thing is just how much people are lied to on a daily basis. I went through countless agencies when I worked client-side and they never focused on any of the important metrics like sales or cost-per-sale. All they looked at was website traffic and how much ‘work’ they were doing.

Fountain is an absolute game-changer for agencies though. Fountain is 100% honest. If we mess up, we say so and deal with it, instead of brushing it under the carpet like most agencies and letting the problem escalate. And actually, clients like when you’re honest and solve problems, I know, because I used to be the client! It also increases campaigns performance!

Honesty and the lack of it is the single most interesting (and mind-boggling) part to digital marketing.

4) What do you enjoy most about your role OR What problem are you best at solving for your clients?

The thing I enjoy most about my role… it’s got to be the treats shelf behind me!

But, after this, I think it’s the ethics around this place. Everyone loves their jobs and our mission to deliver the best quality marketing in the best possible way. It means we work in a positive environment and everyone is happy, so works to the best of their ability.

We’re honest with each other as much as our clients and we know when to put our heads down or when a pub trip is called for. This all means that we all develop as much as we can as fast as we can and deliver the best quality work that we can.

5) What do you like doing when not at work?

I love writing and reading. It’s a personal ambition of mine to be a published author. I have half a library in my house and hope to add my own books to it one day! Indulging in my creative side, I also play the guitar and some other instruments as well as drawing and painting.

Other than this, I love making cocktails (and drinking them after), which goes hand-in-hand with socialising. Travelling is a big thing for me at the moment, with so many places on my list I’ve yet to visit near and far – got my sights set on a tour of Australia.

Sport is a big part of my life. I used to compete in fencing tournaments and with my uni team, we even got promoted! Rugby is a passion of mine, both club level watching my local team London Irish, and national level watching England dominate.



David Cooper

Digital Marketing Consultant | PPC