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David Cooper

Marketing Manager


David “DCo” Cooper is an innovator.

He started his career in the deep end, establishing a marketing department at a food delivery service within his first year and quadrupling its size by the second. DCo then moved to Fountain, to become a digital marketing consultant and flex his strategic muscles on a multitude of diverse businesses.

Working at the forefront of digital marketing, DCo has given keynote speeches at Google HQ in London on artificial intelligence and written articles on automation for globally recognised publications, such as The Drum. His accounts have included Google Premier Partner Award and PMA nominated national train companies to globally recognised research firm.

Utilising the most modern software and tactics in the game, he has a proclivity for using automation in his strategies, keeping up to date with the latest in tech. All of DCo’s accounts have a particular focus on performance marketing and being able to drive measurable results; without being able to properly attribute revenue to activity, you cannot know what marketing activity is succeeding.

Something that DCo is passionate about is starting conversation in ethics in marketing and communications. Too many marketers use unethical means to sell products and services, but also too many agencies do the same with themselves. Fountain offered him the chance to do the right marketing in the right way.

Outside of marketing, DCo writes, with the ambition to become an author. He loves rugby and mixology, and when he’s not innovating marketing strategy, he’s probably at the pub.