Effective social media campaigns require an in-depth analysis and understanding of your target customers. At Fountain we closely profile your audience and determine which social platforms will gain you maximum exposure to them.

Not only is social media an essential tool in building brand awareness, it also reinforces your USPs and aids sales attribution. Your campaign results are tracked and monitored continuously by our experts in analytics and specialist software.


We utilise this business-specific medium to generate direct leads and increase engagement through the LinkedIn ad platform and native sponsored posts.

  • We conduct regular ad split-testing to gain increased click-through rates and prevent ‘banner blindness’
  • We add new Industries to existing targeting options and expand to new groups
  • We test a variety of content for Sponsored Posts to gain a larger following while maximising conversions
  • We test new landing pages to decrease cost per lead



We help you to reach and engage with audiences on Facebook and retarget to your existing website visitors.

  • We target by age, gender, location, interests, intention, groups and even ID
  • Our experts will generate clicks at relatively low cost
  • We retarget visitors who have previously been to your site



The Fountain social media team will increase your followers, attract new ones and engage with your existing website visitors.

  • We create specific lists of targeted prospects to gain new followers or increase engagement
  • We target by interests, related Followers and by Twitter ID
  • We remarket to your current assets – existing site visitors


You Tube:

As the world’s second largest search engine, You Tube’s value in targeting new audiences through video ads makes it a vital component in our social media campaigns.

  • We can generate views and clicks from only 5p
  • You only pay when someone views your video
  • We target videos to people already seeking information about your Industry
  • We target by age, location, gender and interests
  • We remarket to your existing site visitors with your video

When creating a video ad, the opening 5 seconds must grab viewers’ attention and keep them watching. We recommend that you produce several videos allowing you to appeal directly to differing target criteria. The content should be brand oriented to maximise brand awareness.


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