The core objective of Conversion Rate Optimisation is to turn your prospects into customers. We will achieve this by leading your website visitors on an easy and enjoyable journey from entry to check-out or enquiry form. The Fountain CRO team will get the most out of your online advertising spend, maximising sales revenue from every marketing initiative that we undertake.

Our CRO process involves making a number of crucial changes to your web content and layout. Collaborating with our in-house copywriters, Fountain’s CRO specialists will consider a broad range of factors before making their recommendations. Key considerations will be:

  • Action: is it crystal clear what you want your visitors to do?
  • Clarity: is the route to action easily navigated or are your visitors derailed by distractions and road-blocks along the way?
  • Relevance: is the landing page relevant to the ads or search terms that led visitors to your site?
  • Confidence: does your site communicate authority and inspire trust?

We use advanced software to monitor and record how users are interacting with your website. Our CRO team will then analyse these recorded sessions and combine their findings with information provided by Google Analytics. This data provides a solid foundation for the recommendations we will make to drive up your conversion rates.

When a CRO plan is in place, we can either work with your web developer, or our in-house developers can implement the required changes. We will then continuously measure results and report progress to you on a regular basis.


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