Content Marketing


Your website can be so much more than an interactive brochure for your services.

Content Marketing is the way in which you can evolve your online presence, becoming a publishing platform where you can showcase your expertise and dominate your niche through authority and thought leadership.

Content Marketing also creates new traffic sources by widening the net of your influence through sharable content that reflects your brand identity.

It is also essential in directing the behaviour of your visitors, taking them on a positive journey that ultimately leads to conversion.

Content Strategy

Targeting tailored content to specific audiences is a very effective way of improving lead quality.

We strategically integrate content marketing into a wider strategy to ensure the quality work you have invested in is seen by the right people, drawing on our expertise in Paid Advertising and Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Our LinkedIn Advertising service is a perfect example of how effective this can be at generating warm leads from senior decision makers at companies that matter to you:

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Fountain’s in-house copywriters take a results-focused approach to writing for the web.

Whether you want the reader to click ‘add to basket’, complete an enquiry form or pick up the phone to call you, our copywriters will produce copy that leads your reader on a natural journey to take action.

Our aim is not simply to write engaging copy – it’s to produce return on investment.

Alongside our content strategists and internet marketing experts, our copywriters will take the time to get to know your business, your brand and the market in which you operate. Copywriting involves understanding your audience, speaking directly to them in a way that builds trust.

Whatever type of copy you are looking for, you will find our copywriters knowledgeable, skilled and easy to work with.