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Sara Barnard



For the last 4 years Sara has been juggling work life and studying for a degree in Management and Marketing. She dedicated a lot of time to the UEA, volunteering and helping other mature student feel connected, gaining as much experience in the marketing industry, anything from content creation to blogging on sustainability. Sara wanted a place where she could keep on learning, dabble in marketing wizardry, and sprinkle a bit of goodness around. Fountain? Well, it’s the pot of gold at the end of her rainbow.

Sara’s current role at Fountain Partnerships allows her to not only continue learning but it also gives her a chance to do what she loves best by organising and managing her time well to help others. Figuring out her career goals and direction later on in life has given her a better understanding of how important culture and values are when it comes to the workplace.

When she’s not at work, Sara likes to spend time with her two daughters, drink gazillions of coffee, lift heavy weights, eat glorious food and take her two doggies for walks.