Sustainable SEO: It’s Quality, not Quantity that Counts.

For the most sustainable SEO rankings, quality is imperative.





The SEO world is changing, and Google is keeping us on our toes when it comes to development of the algorithm determining what we see in the search engine results.

We’ve seen a distinct shift in rthe past two years and tactics which were once the playground of those practising SEO simply can’t be implemented anymore. In this article we’ve looked at a few you should probably be steering clear of.

Link Packages

A company offering link packages, in today’s SEO world, could cause potential destruction to your online marketing campaign. Promises of “500 links for £3.50” or “1000 links built in one week” mean one simple thing, poorly written, badly sourced links on dodgy websites which in the vast majority of cases leave Google eyeing up your site for a severe ranking drop at the least, de-indexing at the very worst.

Penguin came down the hardest on those conducting these kind of SEO web practices, by targeting ‘webspam’ – which included link schemes as well as keywords stuffing, cloaking and purposeful duplicate content. Google had been targeting these areas beforehand but the Penguin update gave a much more efficient way of detecting underhand techniques. Have a read of Laura’s article about recovering rankings following Penguin if you were hit.

Directory Submissions

Often in the SEO world, we come across websites which have hundreds of submissions to sites with domains similar to ‘’ or ‘’. These are again links which just add to the quantity, and not the quality of a backlink profile and it’s possible that sooner or later Google is going to start frowning a little more seriously over as their webspam team continues on their crackdown. SEOmoz released an article back in May which warned about the developments with directories, after research showed that a number had either been penalised or de-indexed from Google. We aren’t condoning all directory submissions however, if they are well built and moderated for spam they can still be a useful tool. Have a look for industry specific directories, or local ones rather than those which are ‘SEO’d’.

Forum Commenting

Forum commenting was another one of those tactics that worked to start with, but now is not worth the time it takes. To quote Carson Ward: “If I were an engineer on a team designed to combat web spam, the very first thing I would do would to add a classifier to blog comments. I would then devalue every last one.” I tend to agree with him on this one, forum commenting takes an awful lot of time and effort for something that most likely is doing more harm than good, especially if it is your only SEO tactic.

Fortunately, or unfortunately (whichever way you look at it) SEO is increasingly turning to the quality over quantity – one good links is worth many times more than one bad link. Take a look at this whiteboard Friday from Rand Fishkin, he talks about how link building is increasingly turning into link earning.

And if you’re worried about your SEO campaign, or how it is currently conducted, get in touch with one of our SEO experts here at Fountain to see how we can help.

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12 December 2014

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